H. 'Ben Macdhui'

H. Ben Macdhui

H. 'Croceum'
(Grown from Seed)

H. Croceum (Grown from Seed)

Helianthemum Collection
in Flower

Helianthemum Collection in Flower

H. 'Sterntaler'

H. Sterntaler

Collection List - Sorted by Flower Colour


Below is an A-Z listed of every cultivar held in my collection. For each cultivar a scanned picture of the flower is matched with a similar scanned image of the corresponding foliage. Each cultivar is labelled correctly in accordance with the RHS Plantfinder as far as I am aware; however it is inevitable that some may be mislabelled.

This guide can be used to identify plants growing in your own gardens by mapping the flower and foliage.

Total number of cultivars in category White = 8

A H. apenninum H. apenninum H. apenninum
D H. 'David' H. 'David' H. 'David'
L H. 'Lucy Elizabeth' H. 'Lucy Elizabeth' H. 'Lucy Elizabeth'
N H. 'New Moon' H. 'New Moon' H. 'New Moon'
O H. 'Orchard's White' H. 'Orchard's White' H. 'Orchard's White'
H. 'Ovum Supreme' H. 'Ovum Supreme' H. 'Ovum Supreme'
R H. 'Rushfield's White' H. 'Rushfield's White' H. 'Rushfield's White'
T H. 'The Bride' H. 'The Bride' H. 'The Bride'