H. 'Ovum Supreme'

H. Ovum Supreme

Helianthemum Field Display Border

Helianthemum Field Display Border

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Young Helianthemum Sales Plants

H. 'Wisley Primrose'

H. Wisley Primrose

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Here in Kent, I continue to propagate a small number of Helianthemums to maintain the collection, the excess stock I try and sell to encourage others to help maintain the availablility of Helianthemums here in the UK.

Announcement August 2016

Regrettably, despite all efforts to have a selection of plants available for sale this year, we were hit by an isolated hail storm on 25th June, which decimated the foliage from this year's sales stock.  Never seen anything like it, and with the leaves from trees shredded, the Helianthemums had no chance! Even now, the stock is still recovering and unfortunately won’t be ready for sale this year. It's been a difficult year all round, with many stock plants lost last winter due to the wet weather conditions, not helped with the dry weather the last few weeks.

All well and being, I hope to be back in 2017 to supply you a selection of different named cultivars of Helianthemum, but please appreciate the collection is solely a hobby so time is always a constraint.

I keep a mailing list, and should you be interested in future plant lists moving forward, please feel free to leave your e-mail address below:

Finally, I’d like to apologise for any disappointment caused, and thank those loyal growers of Helianthemum for your patience.

Andrew Roberts, August 2016